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How to run a successful corporate team building event

12 April 2011

Top tips on running effective corporate team building events

If you're taking your team out for a work social evening or fun reward activity, you need to make sure it's a success & runs effectively.

The first thing to think about is the style of corporate event you want. Do you want to get everyone interacting and socialising? Do you want it to be formal or informal? Perhaps a team building activity is appropriate.

Then you need to decide on location and venue. Many corporate team building events take place in company offices but this can sometimes limit creativity and leave guests feeling like they're still at work. If you really want to reward staff with a fun & social evening activity, a lot of the time it works best if the event takes place off site. Liquid Circle Events can organise a fun, appropriate venue for your corporate team building event and rest of the evening; where you can stay on for dinner or snacks and drinks if you wish, to continue the party.

You'll also need to consider the mix of the group in terms of age, sex and interests. A fun 'Strictly Come Dancing' style event may appeal to younger team members but will it appeal to all? Most of our events are able to be tailored to different groups and age groups. All events run as a light hearted competitive team competition. so are popular with groups of all ages and genders.

Competition is an important part of any corporate team building event or team activity. People are typically competitive by nature and ensuring your event is run as a light hearted team competition will encourage socialising and networking & also maintain interest levels for guests. Corporate team building events are also more effective when there is a prize to be won at the end, encouraging team spirit and competitive entertainment.

Timing is also important when considering how to effectively run a corporate team building event. You need to ensure the event lasts long enough for guests to engage in the activity and have fun socialising and getting involved, but you also need to ensure the team event doesn't last too long so that guests lose concentration and interest. About 1.5 to 2 hours is usually about right for an average effective & well run team building activity.

Ensuring a professional host and set up is also a critical part of running an effective & fun corporate team building event. Your host must not only be a professional and extremely knowledgeable about what the activity, but crucially absolutely must be an effective communicator and fun character who can really engage with guests and ensure they interact and are entertained for the duration of the activity.

Liquid Circle Events has been perfecting the art of the above for many years and as such runs highly entertaining and professional team building events across London and the UK for corporate clients. All events are run by Liquid Circle and their professional events teams, not the venues, to ensure a first class event for you and your team, every time.



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