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Why it's important to motivate staff with a work night out

30 April 2010

Staff that bond with their team are more effective at work

Yes it's important for your staff to work hard and deliver results. But when they do, it's also important to reward that.

Team nights out and work socials are an important part of running a successful, motivated and happy corporate team. 

It doesn't have to be a regular occurrence but a rewarding team night out every couple of months or so can do wonders for boosting team morale in the workplace & also encourage team members to get to know each other better, so that they work together better when back in the office.

Liquid Circle Events can cater for work parties and team nights out for all budgets. With all events being fully mobile and usually run in fun, social bar locations, your team will be sure to have a great evening and bond well.

An event or activity that encourages your team to work together as they have fun, such a Cocktail Making or Wine Tasting, is a great idea for a motivational team night out. Instead of just going for work drinks or a team dinner, organising a themed event or masterclass really makes the evening memorable and breaks the ice well, especially when not all team members know each other well. They'll have to work together and communicate in a lively, entertaining way during the activity and as a result will bond and learn more about each other. You will then have a more effective team back in the office.

It's also important to ensure your team night out is inclusive for all. Liquid Circle's events are always inclusive for all genders, age groups and non alcohol drinking guests. For example with the Cocktail Making Event, guests can make optional Mocktail versions of the cocktails being made, so that they're fully included and not alienated from the activity in any way. Ensuring your work night out or team event has activities that get everyone socialising and networking is key to its success and better performance from staff in the long run. 

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